一 、 Oracle不可能动态注册

      在SQL*PLUS下往往输入alter system
register.监听器的情事一贯突显为The listener supports no services。


2、 ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not
supported on this system

Oracle,      Oracle解释如下:

[oracle@node3 ~]$ oerr ora 845
00845, 00000, "MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system"
// *Cause: The MEMORY_TARGET parameter was not supported on this operating system or /dev/shm was not sized correctly on Linux.
// *Action: Refer to documentation for a list of supported operating systems. Or, size /dev/shm to be at least the SGA_MAX_SIZE on each Oracle instance running on the system.


WARNING: You are trying to use the MEMORY_TARGET feature. This feature requires the /dev/shm file system to be mounted for at least 369098752 bytes. /dev/shm is either not mounted or is mounted with available space less than this size. Please fix this so that MEMORY_TARGET can work as expected. Current available is 261324800 and used is 0 bytes. Ensure that the mount point is /dev/shm for this directory.
memory_target needs larger /dev/shm



     1> 马上生效–注意:/dev/shm的size值必须为整数,暗中认可是内部存款和储蓄器的二分一

[root@node3 oracle]# umount tmpfs
[root@node3 oracle]# mount -t tmpfs shmfs -o size=400m /dev/shm

     2> 修改/etc/fstab    

tmpfs                   /dev/shm                tmpfs   defaults,size=400m      0 0

     也足以先修改/etc/fstab,然后用 mount -o remount


     最后,只能将 mount -o remount /dev/shm编辑到/etc/rc.local文件中

3. ORA-29701: unable to connect to
Cluster Synchronization Service

    手动运行CSS:crsctl start res ora.cssd

4. ORA-12641: Authentication service
failed to initialize