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Best Practices in ASP.NET for writing User Control In MultiView And
Wizard using Dynamic controls

This control it is a example of implementation of ViewState and
ControlDesigner for support on design time.
WebTabControl was
the main idea of shTabControl.

Gridview with a single ModalPopupExtender/Panel for row editing

Master pages and factory patterns using ASP.NET

Combining a BuildProvider and IExtenderProvider to create a declarative
framework for conditional formatting in ASP.NET GridViews.

HTMLEditor Provider – How to write a custom provider for ASP.NET 2.0

Using DayPilot 2.0 (Outlook-like calendar control for ASP.NET)

ASP.NET server library for creating CMS website (forums, articles/wiki,
news, users/roles, …), using NHibernate for data access

An article to master the ObjectDataSource.


These article discusses some tips for commonly faced problems in .NET

An article on securing your cookies in several ways to defeat the
several vulnerabilities that cookies have

An easy to use .NET solution for Job Scheduling, with pluggable actions,
that runs on a Windows Service. Backup your SQL Server Express and much

ASP.NET web control that renders performance counter data to the screen
in the form of a text label, progress bar, histogram, or line graph and
automatically updates itself via an AJAX call

This article list out Performance tips to improve Web applications
performance. I have divided the article into 3 modules based on where we
use these performance tips. 1.Web.config. 2. Web applications. 3.
Database operations.

OCR with Microsoft® Office

Culture and Region Info tool for .NET 2.0